Glass Tiles line


Sizes 600 x 300 mm. (2 ft x 1 ft) | 1000 x 300 mm. (3 ft x 1 ft)
Thicknesses 4mm. Mirror and Deco lines | 5 mm. Color, Deco lines and PIETRAGLASS.
Tiles per Box 600 x 300 mm. (2 ft x 1 ft): 6 pcs per box ( 1.08 m2 per box)
1000 x 300 mm.: (3 ft. x 1 ft.): 4 pcs per box ( 1.20 m2 per box)
1200 x 600 mm.: 2 pcs per box ( 1.44 m2 per box) (* Not available for every line)
Adhesive for installation Silicone NEUTRAL formulation must be used in order to avoid affecting the paint or the silver on the mirror.
Glass tiles are suitable for cutting and drilling processes, identical to any Float glass fabrication.


We offer
  • Fabrication kit is available for cutting and drilling . This kit features 10mm and 30 mm wick guide. Kit is sold separately.

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